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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the time committement for cheerleading?
A: Squads practice one night per week for one hour. Games are once a week - cheerleaders are required to be at the field a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the game's start or earlier per individual squad's coach. Games last about one and half hours.

Q: When are practices?
A: Practices are one night a week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Times vary based on gym space.  

Q: Where are practices?
A: Practices are in a Vienna elementary or middle school gym.  We are assigned gym space by Fairfax County.

Q: When are games?
A: For FALL, games are often on Saturdays, but might also be Friday or Sunday.  Weekend games are from 9am - 9pm. Friday games begin in the evening.

Q: Where are the games?
A: For FALL, most games are played at Waters Field (located next to Vienna Elementary School on Center Street).  Fall Cheer will be at HOME games only. Waters Field is the official VYI home field, and our priority will be to games scheduled there. Some games might be at Oakton High, Madison High, Marshall High, and Fairfax High - also considered "home."

Q: How are squads formed?
A: See Cheerleader Info.

Q: What does the registration fee cover/and or include?
A:  The fee covers organizaion fees, county usage fees, sport administration fees, uniform and poms rental (we do require a uniform deposit of $150 - check is held until uniform is returned), Cheer Camp, Practice Uniform, Squad bow and socks, end of season award, and other cheer related expenses.

Q: What if my family cannot pay part of the registration cost due to financial hardship?
A: Please read VYI's Request for Fee Waiver Process. The Cheer Fee Waiver Application is in the menu on the left under Waiver Request.